There is so much free stuff lying around that you never need to pay to get started.

I am inundated with the amount of information I come across on medium on how to excel on Medium — people have created so many toolkits — how-to guides, checklists, e-books, newsletters, substack content, learning courses, email templates, podcasts and others. The best part is it is all free and you don’t have to pay a dime.

If you want to grow your email subscriber base, all you need to do is follow these 3 steps and you can get started

a) Read a few “How-to” articles

b) Check how other writers have done it — you will get a lot of different styles

c) Choose the style that resonates with you and get started

There may be several questions you might have, but trust me, you’ll find answers if you are looking in the right place.

In today’s times, if you have access to the internet (considering you do as you are reading this), then opportunities are aplenty — the sky or perhaps the galaxy is the limit.

All you need to know is a) what interests you b) how to search for the right information. You will literally find everything.

My curiosity to understand the new ClubHouse app led me to this YouTube explainer video that had all the basics on how it works, what content people create, how to join among other things.Now when I looked up for the same video to hyperlink in this article, I find there are at least 15 new videos created in the last ten days.

It amazes me how much content is available for us to choose freely.

So, if you want to create some kick-ass content and already have some cool ideas to get started, but you just don’t know how to take that first step — don’t fret. Here’s three simple tips to get you started :

  1. Look for the freebies from your favorite creators,
  2. Research on their journey — how they started
  3. Learn from their content

Think less. Do more.

Thinker, self-experimenter, and a newbie writer. I write about personal growth, socio-political issues, and career advice.

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