Steal Time For The Thing You Love

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This article is more of an extension of my previous article ‘The art of procrastination’. I have had two realisations ever since. 1) You need to steal time for things you love. 2) get away from your to-do list if you have been maintaining one. In this article, though, I will focus on the first aspect alone.

You need to be creative with time

You will always have a lot of distractions in life. Ask a stay-at-home person, and they would say that all of their time just gets lost in some black hole. You cook food, clean stuff, do the laundry, ready the kids, watch some television or check the social media accounts and the day is over.

However, if you are working full time you suddenly make time for an 8–9-hour job, how did you find this time which was non-existent earlier? It is simple; all the other activities just get squeezed into the routine somewhere.

So that means for all full-time working professionals, we all have approximately 16–18 hours over the weekend for ourselves to pursue our passion and do what we like. Easy, right? Unfortunately, it’s not quite what happens.

So what happens?

Well, broadly, two things occupy your time entertainment and routine household stuff.

Usually, the hangover from the entire workweek would occupy a considerable mind- space, and you ought to unwind a little. And when accessing content is super easy in today’s times, it is difficult to restrain ourselves from reaching that remote. And let’s be honest a little Netflix doesn’t hurt, eh? Let’s find out.

And what about all of those numerous mundane activities that you had pushed throughout the week? It suddenly finds its way through your to-do list and into your chores time.

Buy groceries, return that pair of shoes that didn’t fit well, call the maintenance guy to fix that piece of shit that’s broken — you get the drill, don’t you?

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It’s just a never-ending cycle of things that demand your attention and if you don’t pay much focus your time just gets sucked up by the black hole which we define as procrastination.

But is it you were simply lazy, not picking up your passion over your routine, not prioritising things or we just never realised the concept of being caught up in the whirlwind. Or we understood, and we never did something about it because hey, I have read all these motivational blogs and stuff, but I can’t really deal with it right now, and I am just living off one day at a time.

I genuinely believe a lot of us will fall in the latter category. We probably know but just not aware of what we want or perhaps how we want to pursue that goal.

I don’t know it all either, but I try each day, and I evolve, and when I feel I have succeeded a little, I share.

And I get it, it need not always be a side hustle or about starting your own business, it can be about playing that guitar or rather simple just read the book that you ever wanted to or the backyard garden that you wished to nourish or just bizarre things like contributing on your Google account or reviewing the restaurants you have been to. Anything really, anything that brings you joy.

So I will share two techniques that have worked for me.

1) Prioritising passion over routine

Trust me you shall always have enough and more routine things in your to-do to focus on, but do you wish to waste time on troubleshooting those or do something more satisfying — your choice — if cleaning house gives you the satisfaction then that’s all right too.

While everyone loves a clean house, remember that everything comes at a cost and prioritising that over your passion might cost you a lot — not in terms of money but, in terms of emotions.

Just close your eyes and imagine yourself on that deathbed — do you want a clean house or do you want to be reminiscing the memories of the great things you achieved.

The choice is yours.

P.S — Also cleaning the house is a metaphor for all things routine, so don’t think I am against cleaning or something, I like doing it, but I just realised that I love something else a little more. So I am okay with a few undone dishes and clothes, but not okay to let go of the weekend, and the weekend after not writing or publishing my blogs.

2) Steal every iota of time, each second counts

When I said earlier you got to steal time, what I meant was you have to find time in bizarre stuff — while taking a shower, your thoughts are running wild anyway, probably think of how you can optimise the day to get the most out of today.

  1. If you decide on taking a break from your workout routine; there it is your one hour.
  2. While in between meetings, if you get this great idea, write it down, discuss it with someone or don’t compartmentalise your passion.
  3. If you can finish your work earlier in the day and leave early that one day of the week every week.
  4. If you can do something early morning if you are a morning person, nothing like it. I am not, but I know when I am the most productive and I try to maximise my writing in that window.
  5. If you find the time during the commute. While the vegetable is cooking or when you are waiting for something.

There is ample time; it just isn’t packed in a beautiful box and presented to you. You need to ingrain these in your routine practices. And soon you will have ample time.

Also, if you binge-watch Netflix, here is a small tip.

While you are watching your favourite show, just towards the last 10–12 minutes, try to context switch to think of what excites you more, what was pressing on your mind since morning, start doing it or if that’s not possible, start thinking about it or start researching on it — trust me, you will not want to continue the next episode even if it ends on a cliffhanger.

That is the power of pure passion — you like doing certain things, but love your passion. This comes with practice. You will not be able to switch-off Netflix because I told you to or because you read this article. But you take one small step each day and practice it till you find out what works best for you.

And come on, you love your passion, don’t you?

Because that is something unique to you, and it defines your personality. And if you don’t know what you are passionate about, start with something you like — photography, reading, dance, tweeting, singing, something niche perhaps — start with that and keep doing it, trust me you will find what you are passionate about soon.

Thinker, self-experimenter, and a newbie writer. I write about personal growth, socio-political issues, and career advice.

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