How is Your Faith

Such a simple question and yet such a difficult one to answer

Asmita Karanje
4 min readJan 6, 2020


Photo by Kyle Johnson on Unsplash

I was watching Crown season 3 episode 7 ‘Moondust’, and I was awestruck by the brilliance of the story, direction and the acting of Matt Smith — the actor who played Prince Phillip. But what resounded with me more than any of that was the perspective that was shared by him.

He, in his capacity as the Prince, literally has everything or at least can get everything at his disposal or so you think. But then they show you, not everything really — he asks for a 15 minutes private meeting with the three astronauts and the manager very reluctantly agrees.

The beauty of perspective

He is in awe of the three astronauts who have just created history by landing on the moon and in his fan sort of appreciation has followed every second of that story. But later during his brief conversation, he realizes that these are no gods or superhumans.

With all due respect for their fantastic feat and historic achievement, they lacked the personality or the inspiration or wisdom that Prince Phillip was looking for in these young men.

And when he realizes they might have achieved this astounding success and written history but they are still some young astronauts who just delivered the mission successfully. When he realizes this, he confronts a group of middle-aged religious men and confesses to them that he has indeed lost his faith. The one person who made him realize that, was his mother who asked him a simple question — ‘How is your faith?’

What is Faith or Faithlessness?

Faith is that belief in your thoughts, your words, your emotions and the impact you create in the world.

As a kid, I used to wonder what is the meaning of this life if we all have to die eventually. Why not just live to exist but then within 5 minutes I would be distracted by my favourite TV show or a friend who would call me.

Now when I think about it, that little act of being part of the ecosystem shows I care about what’s happening around me, I want to laugh, cry, feel, jump…