Are you fixated to Medium Stats than writing?

Well, I am and here is my strategy to overcome this habit

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Since I have joined Medium platform about 7 months back (which is not a long time ago), I have published a few articles and have been trying different strategies to see what works for me — Titles that would make people click, the topics that get curated, the structure and flow of the articles, constantly analysing and strategising about writing rather than writing.

I have read a million articles on “How I made $600 from my first article”, “How I made $1000 in the first month” and “How to achieve an income of $10,000 from writing” and so on and I tried most(read all) of their tactics. And below is my honest take away on what has worked for me.

1) Publish in a publication

I tried publishing, it helps a little but doesn’t really spike your views dramatically unless you are a famous author like Tim Denning or Ayodeji Awosika who would publish in the same publication but would have exponential views — they have a huge follower base and that would bring more views and build upon the traffic.

2) Write an engaging Title and use an attractive featured image

Now this is a subjective field, but with a reasonable taste I can assume I am fine in this department

3) Market your article

I have shared my friend link on all social media platforms, although I shall admit I am not that consistent on these platforms, and I have been experimenting with different ideas on promoting my article as well. So it does help in getting that initial traffic but unless those friends sign up for Medium membership, those views aren’t getting you any money

4) Focus on curation

Now that’s not really on me. My articles aren’t getting curated for a long time now. I read somewhere that medium filters out writers who have used canonical links in the past. But that’s not true because the article which got curated had those canonical links to my website. So not sure why Medium has stopped curating my articles — what am I missing — if anything my writing maturity has actually gone up.

5) Be original and find your style

I write my heart, so yes, you will find my personality in my writing. I am yet to develop a style since I am finding my feet and understand what works. And I am not worried about my content as much considering the feedback I have received — I have received several compliments on my writing when people have found it useful. People have debated tooth and nail on social media on some opinion I shared, people whom I have not spoken to in ages have specially messaged me to share how they have enjoyed my article and writing style. So I’d assume I offer decent content.

So, I asked what is it that I should do?

And again this is an advice that’s published time and again, by most authors on Medium who have achieved success on this platform. So nothing new in what I am saying. I am reiterating the same established fact — They all write daily. They show up each day — the one area where I fall flat. I have tried and failed several times. Times when I had to give up because we were travelling, because of work pressure(I have a full-time job), because of my husband’s illness, because of a hundred priorities and because of procrastination too. I don’t know which of the above is the biggest reason(read excuse), but all I know is that it is the same set of struggles for everyone, and this is life.

Someone who wants to achieve something so badly wouldn’t tell you of the reasons they couldn’t. They would keep pushing, and no this isn’t any motivation piece, this is a reminder that you can do a 100 things to find success on Medium, but if you are not going to write consistently, each day every day, those 100 things wouldn’t matter. I may be completely wrong, and even after writing these gazillion words I might not be curated, won’t get the views or fans or the money. But I will not know if I don’t try.

So here is what I intend to do — Write, then write a little more and keep writing — that’s the only advice you need to take back.

Thinker, self-experimenter, and a newbie writer. I write about personal growth, socio-political issues, and career advice.

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