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How the founder of Medium went from college dropout to self-made billionaire

Ev Williams Source — Commons Wikimedia

Blogger, Twitter, Medium — if you have either been blogging or micro-blogging, you’d have used at least one of these platforms at some point in your creator journey. What might surprise you is that the founder of all three platforms is the same person — Ev Williams.


Work, Sleep and Leisure

This year when my husband and I travelled to New Zealand, on our way from Christchurch to Grey mouth in the south Island, we took this scenic Alpine train journey that took us through some stunning landscapes with live commentary on the struggles of the miners who worked there. How…

Here’s how you can find one

Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash

If you’ve ever set an ambitious goal for yourself, then you know it can be an uphill journey. Thankfully, when you’re starting on an exciting journey, you have lots of motivation, and that steep hill you have to climb doesn’t seem so daunting.

But midway through your journey, you realize…

Asmita Karanje

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